BBDU 2017: 10 Reasons Why This Event Was Different

May 08 | 2017

2017 marks the 10th annual BBDU event, brought to you by Benefits by Design (BBD).

Born out of the idea that “learning is constant,” BBDU (a.k.a BBD University) educates and entertains Advisors. Each year, the event focuses on learning key takeaways from a highly sought after speaker. The likes of Ken Wong, Nick Bontis, Ron Tite and now Chris Gibson graced the BBDU stage. Even though the presentations are different, a common theme remains: expanding minds and providing ideas for improvement.

Here are 10 reasons why BBDU 2017 was different:

1. The events were “uptown.”

One of the biggest challenges with hosting our BBDU event in Toronto and Vancouver is location, location, location. Historically, BBDU has been held in the heart of both of these large metropolises making it challenging to commute to the event, park for free, and enjoy the day.

This year, the events were held in Burnaby, British Columbia and Vaughan, Ontario. This made it an easier commute to the event, allowed for larger locations and there was ample parking.

2. BBD was in the house.

See a familiar BBD face? This year BBD opened the doors of our BBDU to interested employees and they showed up in droves.

For some, this was their first time attending a BBDU and their excitement was palpable. For others, they brought renewed energy to the event – engaging our Advisors, suppliers and newers staff members in conversation, connection, and community. Always so great to put a face to a name.

3. We showcased our partners – tradeshow style.

A lot of what we do could not be done without the help and support of our strategic partners and suppliers. BBDU provides the perfect forum, allowing our suppliers direct access to our Advisors and staff. This helps connect them to the products and services provided and deepen their relationship with BBD.

We’d like to thank the following partners and suppliers for attending:

4. The presentations varied depending on the location.

Historically, our BBDU content is the same not matter what event you attend.

In Toronto, we were given an opportunity to engage with a client and partner of ours – MedReleaf. Since Medical Cannabis is a hot topic right now, it made sense to use some of our podium time to talk about this challenge in the industry.

5. BBD had a presence at the podium.

For the first third of the event, BBD owned the podium. Our Director of Culture & Communications, Julie Einarson, spoke to the course that BBD is on. Featuring information about our wellness, culture, products and administration, Julie took the audience through the way the story of their business intersects with the story of BBD.

6. We teased out some of the exciting changes coming…

Without speaking out of turn, we teased out some exciting changes coming to BBD in the next year.

7. Our keynote speaker worked in the industry.

A first for BBD, we hired a speaker who worked in the insurance industry. Historically, we hired University or College Professors to be the keynote speaker putting the “University” in BBDU. However, Chris Gibson’s presentation on your “One Degree Difference” challenged us to think about how we define service leadership.

8. We “buffed” lunch.

Our lunch at both events consisted of healthy menu choices made from seasonal ingredients. The buffet style allowed our audience to pick and choose the meal that they wanted while making healthy choices. The food was great!

9. We shared what was happening across multiple social media channels.

We like to be active on social media during BBDU and encourage our audience to share their favourite moments using the hashtag #BBDU2017. Here are a few of our favourite posts from the days:

Just a few of my favourite people . . . #BBDWorkplace #bbdu2017 #toronto #goodlookingbunch #workfamily

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10. BBDU – our way of saying thank you.

To our Advisors, suppliers, partners, and staff – thank you! Without your constant support, our BBDU event would not be possible.

To those of you who attended (and who joined us in spirit), thank you. We hope to see you at a future event.

What will we do until the next BBDU?

We’ve made a habit of announcing new and exciting before everything is solidified. So you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what we have in store!

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