Benepac®: A Benefits Plan Building Block

Published: Aug 02 | 2018
Modified: Aug 29 | 2018

Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc.’s Benepac® has a twenty year history of providing Canadians with benefits that keep their employees and themselves healthy and financially secure. You can think of Benepac® as our benefits building block. It’s the foundation we’ve used as a base and built from the ground up, giving rise to other BBD products like Standalone® and Benaccount®.

With our resolution to go back to basics this year, we’ve decided to revisit one of our pillar products and highlight the most important things to know about Benepac®.

8 Things You Need to Know About Benepac®

    1. It works for small or large groups. Benepac® provides stable, comprehensive benefits that are well-defined and ideally suited for groups with three or more employees in any approved industry.
    2. The benefits are rated independently. Many carriers rate their benefits together and so removing one may not be possible or may increase the premiums of the other benefits. Since BBD uses different providers for our Benepac® benefits we are able to rate them independently, giving groups the ability to choose the benefits they need most without impacting the rates.
    3. Enrollment can take place online through a digital platform. We now support online enrollment through the Benepac® Online Enrollment Tool. A digital place to enroll employees into their benefits plan – no more stacks of paperwork!
    4. It has a proven track record. Benepac® first launched way back in 1998 and while it has come a long way since then, it remains the same great product.
    5. It’s all encompassing. Benepac® is BBD’s “traditional” benefits plan, which makes it an easy to understand option for employers. 86% of employers with under 50 employees have a traditional-style plan.1
    6. It gives you access to Green Shield Canada’s Change4Life® platform. Green Shield Canada (GSC) is BBD’s provider of Extended Health Coverage (EHC) and Dental. They have developed an online health portal called Change4Life® that works to make plan members healthier by focusing on behaviour change. This additional service is included in Benepac® plans at no extra cost.
    7. It gives you access to Arete HR Inc.’s Acumin®. This service is provided by Arete HR Inc. and is automatically embedded in plans with Long Term Disability through Empire Life. It provides a variety of additional services, including Human Resources (HR) coaching for managers, which can be a big help to small businesses without a dedicated HR team.
    8. It allows you to utilize preferred pharmacy arrangements. BBD has a preferred pharmacy arrangement with two low-cost providers: Costco Pharmacy and Alliance Pharmacy. Use either convenient solution and receive $5.00 off per prescription.*

*Applicable when you have a coinsurance (e.g. 20%) or a per prescription deductible (e.g. $5.00) and is discounted at time of claim automatically by Green Shield Canada (GSC).

  1. The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, 2018

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