Cultivating a Company Culture Worthy of Your Workplace

Jan 11 | 2018

Workplace culture — it’s a big topic these days. With a new year just starting, companies are quick to shake up their culture and make improvements. However it can be difficult to know where to begin if your culture needs work, when a good culture is less about what you do and more about how you do things.

At Benefits by Design (BBD), we have a culture that many have recognized as healthy but we know a great corporate culture isn’t something you build and it’s done – it takes ongoing, constant work. That’s why it’s important to keep learning and keep sharing.

Keep learning

Building a great company culture is a journey that never ends — you should always be learning. Whether you like to read articles online or in print form, inspiration can come from anywhere. One of our favourite sources of inspiration is the Your Workplace magazine.

Your Workplace is a Canadian print magazine and online community. It is a great source of information for creating a place where you and your colleagues want to work. We believe in Your Workplace’s mission so much that we purchase a subscription of their bi-monthly magazine and give it complimentary to almost 3,000 BBD groups on behalf of their Advisor.

While the magazine and online community is a great source for inspiration, not everyone learns the same way. So Your Workplace also runs an annual conference to get everyone out and learning from key industry professionals. Let me tell you though, the Imagine Your Workplace Conference is no ordinary conference. From walking sessions to practical activities, all rounded out with TED-X style talks, this is a conference experience you don’t want to miss.

Whether you like to read to gain new information, or actively participate in discussions, Your Workplace has something for everyone willing to learn.

Keep sharing

Workplace culture may start with management but it’s a futile exercise if employees do not share managements vision. So how do you get employee buy-in? Your Workplace’s editorial advisory board suggests clearly communicating your vision with your staff and ensuring there is momentum behind it.

At BBD, employees use our tagline: “helping working Canadians” to reinforce the vision we support. You won’t find this vision plastered all over our walls though. As Julie Einarson, Director of Culture and Communications at BBD, shares in "Don’t Make the Mistake of Vision-Setting Alone" from volume 20, issue no. 1, Your Workplace magazine:

[putting it on a wall] feels static to us, so we keep a heartbeat to it, and an ongoing rhythm by keeping it very visible where our employees are going [for information].

Keep learning, keep sharing, and keep repeating

Building a company culture is never a one-and-done process. It requires consistent effort to be continually reinforced. Our vision of “helping working Canadians” appears on our marketing material, our digital platforms and even as part of the on-boarding process for new employees. We want all employees to come in to work and know that everyday they are helping working Canadian’s be healthy and financially secure.

Whether your company’s New Years resolution is to make changes to their culture, or you want to make sure your company vision is widely shared, Your Workplace can be a great source of inspiration. To further your learning on vision-setting, download a copy of "Don’t Make the Mistake of Vision-Setting Alone" from the vol 20, no.1 issue of Your Workplace (BBD is even quoted in it).

Don't Make the Mistake of Vision-Setting Alone

Download the Your Workplace Article