Welcome to Our New Website

Published: Feb 01 | 2017
Modified: May 08 | 2019

After half a year of labour and love, you are looking at a brand new Benefits by Design (BBD) website.

Here are a few things to know:

Forms are found on Nomad

Looking for a form? Look no further than to Nomad — BBD’s online platform, designed with Advisors and Plan Administrators in mind. Nomad provides secure access to plan design and coverage information. Free for BBD clients, Nomad provides activity reports and resources to help connect people to their plans.

Not sure how to access Nomad? It’s easy – speak with your BBD Client Services Representative or Regional Director. They can reset your account if you forgot your password or book a demo to make sure you’re using everything available to you.

Connect with your BBD team

Have a question for BBD? It’s never been easier to get in touch with the right person at the right time – using the “Our Team” page.

Simply search for the person you need to speak with. The site will let you pull up their contact information so you can connect.

Brand new blog

Want to learn more about Benefits by Design’s products and services? Look no further than our blog. With a new post appearing every Wednesday, you’ll never miss out on what is happening at BBD, or in the industry.

Take a look around

There is too much new to list! From our mobile-optimized design to brand new coverage of the products and plans you’re familiar with, take a look around and get acquainted with the new bbd.ca.

Share your feedback! Tweet us @bbdcanada or fill out the intake form.

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