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Family building benefits – growing families and employee loyalty 

By: Benefits by Design | Tuesday February 13, 2024

Updated : Monday February 12, 2024

In our medically advanced world, family building isn’t always accomplished the traditional way, as it may not be an option for everyone. This could be due to several factors, from the nature of the parents’ relationship to fertility issues and beyond. In honour of Family Day next Monday, we’ll explain how family building benefits can help all employees achieve their dreams of growing their family.  

Family building services 

There are different services that can help employees grow their families. However, many of the procedures and services required to expand a family through non-traditional means are not cheap. Because family building benefits offer coverage for different types of services, they encompass and include all types of employee relationships and family compositions. This inclusivity goes a long way towards fostering employee loyalty.  

Employee Benefits to Build an Inclusive Workplace


Thanks to medical advances, infertility does not necessarily mean having a baby is impossible. In fact, there are many options to consider, depending on the specific circumstances of each parent.  

Some infertility issues can be corrected by taking fertility drugs. These drugs are also usually prescribed along with other treatments and services, such as: 


Sometimes it isn’t possible for one or both of the parents to carry a child to term. This could be due to fertility or uterine issues, or it could be because neither of them has a uterus. Regardless of why, surrogacy can be a viable option for some couples. 

Services for surrogacy can often include some of the fertility treatments listed above. Family building benefits can also cover expenses related to surrogacy. This could include services such as diagnostics and testing, as well as insemination or fertilization of the embryo or egg.  

Generally, you can expect the insurer will require a copy of the surrogacy agreement to confirm the eligibility of the services used by the surrogate mother. 


Aside from surrogacy, parents that are unable to give birth can also choose to adopt. Single parents wishing to grow or start their families can also look at adoption or surrogacy as options. 

Family building benefits can help parents navigate the process by covering legal fees and lawyer costs, adoption fees, and in some cases even travel expenses. 

multi-ethnic same-sex couple with adopted daughter

Family building benefits grow loyalty 

Inclusive employee benefits such as family building benefits are all part of a company’s culture. Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is multi-faceted. From including diverse talent in every position, to providing a psychologically safe workplace, and offering inclusive benefits – there are many ways employers can truly practice DEI that goes beyond performative. 

More and more employees see their workplace as an extension of their character. “In a recent Robert Half survey, 71% of workers said they’d leave an organization whose values do not align with their own.” 

And when it comes to paying for family building benefits, 64% of employees said they “would be okay with my benefits plan costing a bit more if it ensured that it offered coverage that was equitable and inclusive, even if that included services that may not apply to me.”   

It’s important to keep in mind that not all the expenses for the services outlined above will be available from each carrier, and plan designs may differ. Always confirm plan design options when adding coverage of any kind. Employees should confirm the coverage if they plan on using the family building benefit so they are aware of what expenses will and won’t be covered. 

DEI doesn’t stop at family building benefits – there are many ways and options available

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