Our New Product: Standalone

Published: Feb 08 | 2017
Modified: Aug 19 | 2019

Standalone® – A technology-enabled benefits solution offering a Health Care Spending Account, a Wellness Spending Account, or a combination of the two

Do you have a group that doesn’t qualify for a traditional benefits plan? Are you trying to help a one-life incorporated company access health and dental benefits?

Look no further than Standalone – an easy-to-use, cost-contained product that gives employees the benefits they want. Employers set a yearly amount and employees choose when and how to spend it.

Employers have the choice of setting up a Health Care Spending Account, Wellness Spending Account or combining the two.

Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)

The Benefits by Design (BBD) Standalone® Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) is a tax-effective way for employers to cover employees for eligible health and dental expenses. Employers determine the amount they would like to spend per employee and whether employees can carry over unused funds as part of their plan design. Employees pay for products and services themselves then submit expenses for reimbursement. Best of all, reimbursements are tax-free!

Typical expenses covered by an HCSA include glasses, massage therapy, dental services, and prescription drugs plus much, much more!*

*For HCSA’s, eligible expenses are set by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Wellness Spending Account (WSA)

Looking for a way to reward employees for living, healthy, active lives? The BBD Standalone® Wellness Spending Account (WSA) allows employers to reimburse employees for expenses related to personal wellness. Reimbursements to employees are a taxable benefit.

Typical wellness expenses include: gym memberships, personal training, vitamins – think anything that helps employees be healthy and well! As the employer, you decide what you cover.

Combination Spending Account

Looking for additional ways to offer a choice to your employees? Combine the HCSA and WSA into a hybrid account. Employers allocate a set amount of money that becomes “flex credits” for employees who are eligible for benefits. Employees have 15 days** to decide the distribution of their flex credits between a taxable Wellness Spending Account (WSA) and/or a non-taxable health Care Spending Account (HCSA). Employers inform employees of the tax consequences of each plan.

**If an employee fails to allocate their flex credits within a 15-day window, credits default to the HCSA.

BBD Standalone® Accounts feature:

  • No monthly invoice or regular payment required – the program is pay-as-you-claim
  • A paperless system – from claim to reimbursement
  • All activity conducted on a secure and easy-to-use platform that includes a mobile option for claiming
  • Two- to four-day turnaround for claims reimbursement
  • Same great BBD customer service and support

Interested in learning more?

Download the Standalone workbook.