Medical Second Opinion – An Asset for Your Health

Published: Oct 31 | 2017
Modified: May 21 | 2019

Help and support are a foundation to what we do in the group insurance industry, as different benefits help people stay healthy and get help when they need it. However not every person has the same health journey, history, or knowledge. With such different health requirements and no way to predict when or if a serious condition could occur, it’s difficult for plans to offer customized support. Enter Medical Second Opinion Services (MSO).

Customized, responsive help and support

If you’ve never been diagnosed with a serious or chronic medical condition, you’ve been spared the confusion and fear associated with navigating a significant health concern. Knowing what to do becomes critical, and knowing where to turn can make a difference of weeks, or even months in recuperation, not to mention time or expense. That’s where Medical Second Opinion services make a world of difference.

Imagine an advocate focused on your health, diving deep into your medical history and files to ensure no details are lost in planning your care and helping you recover. Rather than losing time and wasting energy trying to interpret confusing or disjointed information, people receive an in-depth, confidential report and help to know what questions to ask, and of whom. BBD Benepac® plans with life insurance include Medical Second Opinion services provided by HumanaCare.

Meet HumanaCare – BBD’s new provider of Medical Second Opinion services

HumanaCare is an integrated mental and physical wellness provider with more than 35 years experience providing Canadians with healthcare services. Effective November 1, 2017 they provide Medical Second Opinion Services (MSO) for BBD Benepac® groups. HumanaCare uses a network of world-class specialist physicians and healthcare institutions. With the plan member’s consent, they review medical files and history to identify appropriate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

HumanaCare services include:

  • Medical record gathering
  • Clinical information review
  • Healthcare system navigation
  • Medical Specialist review and report generation
  • Support with understanding and implementing the Medical Second Opinion Recommendations

Lastly, HumanaCare employs nurses to handle intake, providing a deeper and more professional level of care from the first minute someone contacts them. This is key, as someone needing support to navigate a difficult or confusing diagnosis is connected with a medically-trained person from the get-go.

When time is of the essence – HumanaCare Medical Second Opinion services

Medical Second Opinion services are just one of many ways BBD ensures benefit plans and coverage are not “one size fits all.” HumanaCare’s focus on customized, efficient help and support means once the Nurse has gathered a plan member’s medical information, the HumanaCare specialists review and generate a report in as little as 24 hours. That’s the kind of timely help and support that makes an incredible difference to someone’s health and it’s just another way BBD helps working Canadians.

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