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Make Group Benefits Enrollment Easy With the Online Enrollment Tool!

By: Benefits by Design | Thursday August 16, 2018

Updated : Thursday November 26, 2020

Say goodbye to stacks of paperwork that get lost, crumpled, or covered in coffee and say hello to a quicker, easier experience with online enrollment.

First time enrolling in a benefits plan?

Implementing a group benefits plan can be confusing and overwhelming even if you’ve done it before. Simplifying as many processes are possible will increase the success of the plan and maximize employee participation.

One of the simplest ways to do that is to utilize the streamlined processes of online enrollment. This process allows Plan Administrators and employees the ability to sign up and verify information when and where it is most convenient for them, for instance, at home with their dependents.

As a result, online enrollment improves information accuracy, reduces confusion, improves efficiency, and maximizes employee participation — all while cutting down on your paperwork load. Lastly, everyone has a far smoother experience without the pile of paperwork and the risk of losing an important piece of information.

Here’s How the Online Enrollment Tool Works:

Meet Jill. Jill is brand new to BBD and a Plan Administrator for a company with 15 employees. She would like to avoid collecting 15 paper enrollment forms — and now she can!

Firstly, our BBD New Business Implementation team will connect Jill to our online enrollment tool. In 5 easy steps, Jill gets her colleagues enrolling in their benefits plan:

  1. Jill receives an email and logs into Nomad, BBD’s online enrollment and benefits administration tool.
  2. Jill adds basic information about her employees, including:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Salary
    • Employment Information
  3. Jill uses Nomad to send an email to employees asking them to complete their enrollment.
  4. She monitors employee progress through the enrollment tool. Jill reminds employees regularly to make sure everyone enrolls on time.
  5. Once complete, Jill and her employees are enrolled in their group benefits plan.

The enrollment tool works best on any desktop or laptop computer with internet connection.

As a result of utilizing online enrollment, Plan Administrators benefit from improved information accuracy, efficiency, and employee participation.

BBD groups with Life Insurance should submit a paper copy of the Beneficiary Designation to the Plan Administrator for retention purposes. Should an employee need to make a Life claim, the Plan Administrator must be able to produce the original signed Beneficiary Designation form.

This requirement does not apply when a plan member utilizes the Online Enrollment Tool when enrolling in their plan.

See the Online Enrollment Tool in action!

Watch the Online Enrollment Tool video!