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How Online Enrollment Makes Your Employee Benefits Plan Better

By: Benefits by Design | Tuesday December 1, 2020

Updated : Tuesday January 12, 2021

Online enrollment has the potential to increase information accuracy, maximize employee participation, and increase efficiency, all while reducing paperwork for employers.

It’s a win-win-win.

Reason #1 for Making Your Benefits Plan Better: Increased Information Accuracy

Online enrollment brings a reduced risk of lost, overlooked, or inaccurate information. Everything is uploaded directly to the system once completed. This leaves no opportunity for employees to forget to submit or lose their forms, one of the great barriers to employee participation. What’s more, Plan Administrators won’t have anything to add to a growing pile of paperwork.

Employees fill out the information when it’s convenient for them, often at home with dependents, who can provide their information as well.

Reason #2 for Making Your Benefits Plan Better: Maximize Employee Participation

The simple and quick process of online enrollment encourages employees to enroll, maximizing employee participation. No more hounding employees to fill out their paper enrollment forms! Employees will enroll in minutes, which leaves no chance of a filled out form being forgotten about in a drawer somewhere.

Reason #3 for Making Your Benefits Plan Better: Increase Efficiency

Plan Administrators can manage all of their employee enrollments from a single place. After adding some basic information on a new employee, they can issue enrollment forms at the click of a button. The information automatically populates when an employee enrolls, so there’s no need for a Plan Administrator to do it themselves.

No need for stacks of paperwork to file away!

Introducing the Improved Online Enrollment Tool

New groups at BBD have been utilizing the online enrollment process for a few years now when they’re first brought onto our block. We’ve taken the feedback and learning opportunities from this period and made some improvements to the tool.

Make Group Benefits Enrollment Easy With the Online Enrollment Tool

Simple and Easy to Use

When new employees are added to the plan, Plan Administrators will be able to issue enrollment information and forms with the click of a button! Employees can complete their enrollment in minutes where and when it is most convenient for them.

New and Improved Design

We’ve also taken the opportunity to simplify the design of the tool and help guide employees and Plan Administrators along the process of enrollment.

See the Online Enrollment Tool in action!