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From Benefits to Babies: Building Flexibility into Parental Leave

By: Benefits by Design | Friday April 13, 2018

Updated : Monday March 4, 2024

This year, Canada is expecting over 380,000 babies to be born. Parental leave provides employers with an opportunity to actively demonstrate how supportive and flexible their workplace culture is.

Above and Beyond

Employers are not limited to standard requirements when it comes to supporting employees taking parental leave. In fact, there are many things organizations of any size can do to support employees when their family grows. For example:

It is important to note that these aspects need to be communicated regularly, as they’re not highly visible. It is easy for organizations to assume people are informed about what is available to them when in reality their employees have forgotten or aren’t sure where to begin to find out what their options are.

Employee Benefits to Build an Inclusive Workplace

Flexibility Benefits Everyone

Flexible options for parental leave can help to decrease stress and financial strain that can sometimes accompany welcoming a new baby. Every family situation is different. First children bring different needs and levels of comfort to second or third siblings, and families grow in a variety of ways. Options that let people choose what best meets their needs ensure everyone feels supported at a time they need it most.

This article from our partners at Your Workplace is a great update on recent changes to employment law related to parental leaves.

What to Expect When You Are Expecting! (PDF 149 KB)