Paying Your Invoice Just Got Easier

Sep 12 | 2017

View your outstanding balance online

Remember the good old days, when we knew our mailman by their first name, and bills were delivered right to our door? Now, with email inboxes and mobile apps, the days of physical bills are over. Instead, we get our invoices sent to us via email and can view our bills and outstanding balances online. Everything from bank statements to phone bills and now, it is easier than ever to view your current Benefits by Design (BBD) outstanding balance, with the Financial Snapshot on Nomad.

True to its name, the Financial Snapshot gives you an overview of the state of your benefits account with BBD. Not only can you view current and past invoices, but see what (if any) balance is outstanding. This helps avoid the awkward, “Balance Owing” email (that we absolutely hate to send out – trust us) hitting your inbox because of a late payment. Log into Nomad at anytime and see a near real-time update of your outstanding balance.

Never miss another payment

In addition to displaying your outstanding balance, the Financial Snapshot also displays when your next payment is due. This can be considerably helpful if you are paying your invoice balance using cheques (to avoid the $25 late charge).

Speaking of invoices, you can view your past and current invoices and see the breakdown of your benefit costs. There’s an option to download them as a PDF for record-keeping purposes and or to review discrepancies with your BBD Client Services Team.

See various payment options

At Benefits by Design, we accept multiple payment options – we want what’s easiest for our groups! Whether you prefer to pay by cheque, pre-authorized credit (PAC) or electronic funds transfer (EFT), we accept many different forms of payments. You can view them all in the Financial Snapshot Payments PDF and set yourself up with the right one for you and your business.

Know when you’re squared away!

Brain still on summer vacation? We know that feeling! With everything you have to do, it can be challenging to remember if you’ve paid an invoice or not!

Never doubt yourself again – the Financial Snapshot updates in near real-time. This means, once we’ve received your payment, you’ll see a balance owing of $0.00 and a “Thank you for your payment” message! No more scary “Overdue Notifications.”

Best of all, you can rest easy knowing the benefits coverage for you and your employees is still in place.

Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!

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