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Nomad: Group Insurance Administration Made Easy

By: Benefits by Design | Tuesday May 19, 2020

Updated : Thursday March 3, 2022

Effective benefits administration keeps an employee benefits plan running smoothly. Everything from updating essential employee information to adding and removing employees from the plan!

Fortunately for Advisors and clients with Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc., we’ve made online group benefits administration easy with Nomad, our online benefits administration tool.

What is Nomad?

Nomad is a one-stop-shop for Advisors and Plan Administrators with BBD. It provides convenient and secure online access and allows users to access essential resources and manage key information.

Nomad is an entirely online group insurance administration system, allowing users to manage their benefits plan without the hassle of paperwork and with the ease and convenience of being able to do that anywhere or while on-the-go.

There are two Nomad portals: one for Advisors and one for Plan Administrators.

Group Insurance Administration System for Advisors

Through Nomad, Advisors can access the information they need quickly and while on-the-go, keep tabs on their BBD clients, and more!

Group Insurance Administration System for Plan Administrators

Through Nomad, Plan Administrators can feel confident that they have access to everything they need to administer their benefits plan.

We’re committed to offering a digital solution to help you stay connected to your benefits plan. Stay tuned for more product, service, and enhancements coming to your Nomad portal.

Learn how Nomad makes your group insurance administration easy!

Download the Nomad Info Sheet (PDF: 125 KB)