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Nomad: the Online Benefits Administration Portal

By: Benefits by Design | Sunday January 1, 2017

Updated : Tuesday April 20, 2021

Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc. provides a free, secure online way to connect customers to information related to their group benefit plans. It’s called “Nomad” because it roams as easily as you do, and as your job demands it.

Plan Administrators — Taking Care of Everyday Business

Your Nomad platform is a one-stop-shop for benefits administration. It is a quick and easy way to view coverage, make updates to your benefits plan or employee information, and even contact BBD for help or questions that you might have.

Plan Administrator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

Effective benefits administration keeps an employee benefits plan running smoothly, from updating essential employee information to adding and removing employees from the plan! For Plan Administrators, this means you’ll want an easy-to-use and accessible portal to manage all of your plans’ information.

Nomad for Plan Administrators is updated regularly to feature information and support for organizations that are working to keep their employees healthy and well informed. As a result, Plan Administrators are able to access and maintain information crucial to their benefits plan.

For example, here’s what Plan Administrators can do through Nomad:

From Nomad, you’ll be able to perform all of the main day-to-day functions of a Plan Administrator — all in one place!

3 Things All Benefits Plan Administrators Need to Do

Nomad Plan Administrator Tutorial

Plan Administrators can check out this quick tutorial of Nomad on our Youtube Channel!

Advisors – Taking Care of Your Business

Advisors — you didn’t think we forgot about you, did you?

For Advisors, the Nomad system portal works a little bit differently. Firstly, Nomad functions like a dashboard for your business with BBD so that you can always be in-the-know about your clients’ status with us. It summarizes information about all of your groups and keeps you updated on developments in the industry that could impact your clients.

Secondly, Nomad is a connection for you to details and information that support your client meetings. Reporting and information on in-progress quotes, commission statements, group summaries, claims activity, and more help Advisors support their clients in a well-informed and up-to-date fashion.

For example, here’s what Advisors can do through Nomad:

Nomad Advisor Tutorial

Advisors can check out this quick tutorial of Nomad on our Youtube Channel!

Looking for a tutorial on how to do a specific task on Nomad?

Check out our Nomad video tutorial series on our Youtube Channel!