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Summer activities to help keep your employees happy and healthy 

By: Benefits by Design | Tuesday July 9, 2024

Do you feel like your employees are less motivated throughout the summer? Well, a new study by Dayforce, a human resources software company, found that “36% of full-time employees say they are less productive during the summer.” Although that is a substantial number of employees, there are ways to change that and create a more productive workplace.   

In this blog, you will learn about summer activities to keep your employees happy and active during the summer – both at home and at work. Following these and keeping your employees happy will have a positive impact on your company.

“Research shows a causal link between happy workers and a 13% increase in productivity. On the flip side, unhappiness at work costs the world $8.8 trillion in lost productivity.” – Jennifer Moss, Harvard Business Review

Summer activities for in the office  

Are you looking for something to do within your office to keep your employees happy and healthy? Here are 4 great ideas:   

1. Treadmill desk – put a treadmill desk in your office so when employees want to be active, they can walk on the treadmill while they are working.  

2. Walking Meetings – meetings happen a lot when you are working a corporate job. Back-to-back meetings could mean that sometimes an employee sits in meetings for hours. Why not change it up and help your employees stay active by turning the meeting into a walking meeting? On top of being active, the change of scenery might also inspire innovation and new ideas.   

3. Stretch breaks – Sometimes you do not notice how long you may have been sitting down without movement until you go to stand up and feel your whole body ache. Adding stretch breaks within your employees’ day to remind them to move their bodies will help them stay active and reduce aching.   

4. Organize a fitness challenge or competition – create these challenges to keep your employees moving but ensure they are inclusive and cater to different fitness levels. You can create these to not only promote physical health but also create a sense of team spirit.   

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Summer activities for after-work  

Now that you have ideas to keep your employees healthy and happy in the office, here are 5 ideas to keep them active outside of work.   

1. Swimming – Swimming is not only a way to cool you off on a warm summer day, but it also can turn into a full-body workout. Swimming regularly will help you stay active while also making you feel refreshed after a long day at work.   

2. Hiking – Want a low-impact activity to do after work or on the weekend? Provide employees with ideas for local trails which could lead to some stunning vistas. Hikes help clear your mind while also allowing you to explore unfamiliar places and enjoy nature.   

3. New trending sports – Have you ever heard of pickleball? It’s the new trending sport that has caught everyone’s attention,  Here is how to play pickleball. Or you could try spikeball on a nice sunny day.    

4. Evening walks with family and pets – These walks will allow you to stretch and clear your mind after a busy day at work while still being able to spend that quality time with your loved ones.   

5. Biking – Biking is a fantastic way to stay active. You can explore familiar paths or go somewhere completely new while boosting your fitness levels. The best part is if you don’t own a bike most towns have bike rental services. Why not gather a crew of friends for a Saturday cruise and get your social fix as well?  

Summer activities that keep you happy  

Now that we have talked about what employees can do to keep active, let’s now focus on summer activities that will keep them happy throughout the summer.   

1. Camping – Camping with friends allows us to create memorable experiences with friends and family while enjoying nature. Many different activities could bring you joy. For example, cooking over the campfire, ATVing, or exploring the area. Camping can also help people disconnect from the real world and create stronger connections with friends.  

2. Picnic – There are so many ways this can create happiness. Whether you are enjoying nature and the food, or enjoying time with your friends, picnics can boost your mood and give you a chance to soak up some vitamin D.  

3. Fishing – Fishing is a peaceful activity that allows one to relax and de-stress from work. It can also give people a sense of achievement when they catch a fish. It can also be a bonding activity with friends and family.   

4. Gardening – this activity will keep employees physically active, while also allowing them to be creative when planning and designing their garden. A personal garden can be a calming space. Employees can also find satisfaction in building and growing a garden and then harvesting their favorite fruits, vegetables, or flowers.   

5. Watching the sunset – After a long day, find a place to watch the sky change colours as it transitions to night. While watching the sunset you can reflect on your day, connect with loved ones, live in the moment, or just relax and watch how pretty the sunset is.   

Ensuring that your employees are happy and healthy is not only going to be beneficial for their well-being but also for your company as it will allow them to be more productive. Encouraging both in-office and out-of-office activities tailored to the summer or winter will help foster a positive workplace. Adding these summer activities as part of your workplace routine demonstrates your commitment to your employees.   

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