4 Ways Employers Can Use Their Business Assistance Program (BAP)

Published: Sep 10 | 2019
Modified: May 26 | 2020

At Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc., our focus is on small- to medium-sized businesses, so we know the struggles those business owners face pretty well: managing cash flow, employee acquisition and retention, legislative or legal issues, building sustainable growth, etc.

In smaller companies, a lot of these problems often fall on the shoulders of one or two people, which can lead to a lot of stress. After all, it’s hard to focus on running a strong, sustainable business if you’re weighed down by dealing with problems outside of your comfort zone.

That’s where a Business Assistance Program (BAP) can assist business owners, allowing them to focus on running and managing their business by providing ongoing support and guidance to help keep other aspects of the business on track.

What is a Business Assistance Program (BAP)?

A Business Assistance Program (BAP) is designed specifically with employers and business owners in mind. It provides access to accredited professionals and experts from a variety of fields to help business owners navigate some of the more complex problems that arise within their business.

This sounds a lot like an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)…

You’re right! Both an EAP and a BAP are designed to provide assistance and support in tough situations, however, the two products differ in who utilizes them and why.

A BAP is targeted towards business owners or managers to help them run the business and deal with the common problems that arise from a business or management perspective. Examples could include Human Resources (HR) assistance, employee management, or other tough situations.

An EAP is meant for employees of a business to deal with issues they’re having on an employee level, with examples ranging from personal or work conflicts to dependency issues or general counselling and advice.

What services does a BAP provide?

Although these lists of services will vary from carrier to carrier, generally a BAP provides assistance with:

#1. Legal issues. Rather than utilizing expensive legal options, employers facing a problem can use their BAP to receive advice and recommendations in situations as diverse as employee terminations or conflicts, to contractor issues, and more.

#2. Financial concerns. This could include cash flow issues, costs of terminations, or even just advice on managing the financials and accounting processes of running a business.

#3. Human Resources (HR). Many small- to medium-sized businesses lack the resources of a full HR team. A BAP can help fill in this gap by providing HR advice in difficult situations.

#4. Confidential referrals. When personal challenges impact an employee’s job, a BAP can help them get back on track and back to work by referring them to confidential conselling services. Common issues include personal problems, work-related difficulties, dependency issues, or family challenges.

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