The Power of Office Potlucks: Bringing Employees Together and Making Workplaces Better

Mar 26 | 2019

Here’s a quick riddle for you: what’s the one thing that all people partake in, but few rarely agree on?

Food! (Okay, it’s a bad riddle, but we’re in insurance – not professional riddling!)

Everyone loves food, but not everyone loves the same food, so you might think that organizing an office potluck would be more trouble than it’s worth. However, hosting office potlucks can work wonders for your organization and your employees (not to mention taste delicious).

Here are 3 ways office potlucks bring people together and make work better:

#1. They Increase Employee Engagement

Hosting an office potluck lunch brings people together in more ways than one. Of course, everyone gathers together to eat all of the delicious food, but there’s planning that goes into the successful execution of a potluck, too. That planning allows employees to collaborate and learn to work together towards a common goal – and that’s great practice for the workplace. Potlucks also give people an opportunity to exchange ideas and talk to one another, and that’s proven to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

At Benefits by Design, many of our office potlucks are organized by our Health and Wellness Committee, who focus on activities and initiatives to bring health and wellness to our workplace!

#2. They Let Employees Be Creative

The purpose of a potluck is to have each participant contribute something different to round out the meal. Doubling up on meals is usually avoided, so potlucks with many participants leads to some pretty creative dishes! Employees can dive in and explore a passion for cooking or baking and in the process create something completely unique! In the past, we’ve had a solar eclipse cake, a camping-themed birthday cake, and a Halloween salami-stuffed skeleton!

Office Potlucks Collage | Benefits by Design

#3. They Introduce Employees to New Ideas

When it comes to an office potluck, you never know what might be on the table. Employees all have different experiences with cooking, different backgrounds, and their own favourite recipes. Giving them an outlet to share and expose their peers to new creations, ideas, and recipes is a great thing! We have an entire discussion thread on our employee intranet Jostle that is dedicated entirely to sharing new recipes, healthy recipes, and favourite dishes!

Whether your workplace is small or large, office potlucks are a chance to bring people together to partake in something everyone can enjoy – eating delicious food! The planning that goes into them encourages employees to work together, coordinate dishes and ultimately increases their engagement and job satisfaction.

So why wait?

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