Saving Lives: One Employee Assistance Plan at a Time

May 17 | 2017

When you think of going above and beyond for employees covered by group benefits, you don’t necessarily think of how a service provider can actually impact the lives they cover, especially during challenging events. Arete® HR Inc, however is different; they step up over and over again to help guide and assist employees through challenging life events.

As one of Canada’s leading Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) providers, Arete has supported hundreds of Canadians with work-related difficulties, legal issues, financial concerns, and nutritional counselling to name a few. Employers can choose to add EAP coverage to their traditional group plans, adding an additional layer of coverage and support that’s a little different than good old health and dental.

Arete in Action

No one expects to be evacuated during their lunchtime meal – however, a popular waterfront pub was interrupted by smoke, then flames and all patrons and staff were evacuated without delay. Perhaps it may have been an inconvenience for the guests, and an interesting story to share for a few weeks to come, but the 90+ employees became jobless within minutes. One day they went to work, and by noon, not one of the pub’s employees had a job to go to for their next shift.

This alone can be stressful, but imagine the additional pressure of life instantly without your usual income. For many, life was put on hold that day while the world around them continued on. In a situation such as this, there would be a multitude of issues that become exposed when a tragedy happens. In this instance, Arete was there to help not only the employees affected, but the business owners as well.

Arete’s Arive® Program

Arete’s Arive® program supports employees and their families through a self-referral counselling process. Program users can call in, describe the problem and get referrals to the services they would need to navigate through the issues. Contact is then arranged with a professional in that respective space and services can be offered either over the phone or face-to-face.

In-person counselling is offered for family challenges, work-related difficulties, dependency concerns, personal problems and eldercare issues. Telephone counselling is available for legal issues, childcare information, financial struggles and nutritional counselling. The insured employee and their family members have shared access of up to twelve hours of counselling depending on the type service they are receiving.

Arete offers this highly confidential service to its members without disclosing any details to the employer. Program users can also gain peace of mind that all accredited professionals offering services through Arete abide by Canada’s Access to Information and Privacy Act, all while following provincial laws that govern their professions.

Although we may not have all the answers and sometimes come up against some pretty difficult circumstances in life, isn’t it nice to know that there is a service provider out there to guide and support us as we navigate through life’s challenges?

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