Benefits by Design is an Employee Recommended Workplace

Published: Feb 15 | 2017
Modified: May 21 | 2019

It’s one thing when an organization says it, it’s another when their employees do – Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc. has a healthy, engaged, and productive team.

Employee Recommended Workplace Award Program

When we heard about the Employee Recommended Workplace Award Program in late 2016, we jumped at the chance to participate. This brand new program, offered by Morneau Shepell and the Globe and Mail, evaluates the Total Health of a workforce – physical, mental, work and life – as reported by its employees. It provides measures on the health, engagement, and productivity of a workforce while identifying areas they can improve. As an Employee Recommended Workplace, BBD exceeded the qualifying standard and is eligible for an Award – winners will be announced in May, 2017.

A key factor in BBD participating in this program was the fact it is evidence based. This is the first award program that predicts employee health, engagement, and productivity together, 100% based on data from employees. The additional measurement of sustainable success ties to ongoing efforts, not merely a single point in time so the program recognizes behaviours and commitment as well. Lastly, the program promotes two-way accountability, as employees must have ownership of their initiative and commitment in terms of healthy decisions and participating in what committed employers provide. Each respondent receives customized feedback about their status in terms of Total Health.

So, what makes BBD special?

At the root of everything we do is our mission – helping working Canadians. Whether those working Canadians are our Advisors, groups or our own team, we want everyone to be healthy and well – mentally and physically.

So, rather than have us tell you what makes BBD so special, here’s what our employees say:

The Flex program at BBD has allowed me to create my own schedule that gives me more time with my kids, and because they’re still quite young this is very important to me!

     – Erin Greenwood, Client Specialist, and super mom

My big thanks to BBD Health and Wellness program. Through this program, I used the money to buy a good pair of hiking boots, a day backpack and a dry fit long sleeve shirt for cool weather. I wore them during my hike and they provide warmth and comfort while hiking the Hanes Valley Trail at North Shore BC.

     – Noel Memije, Expert Developer, and Hiking Enthusiast

What other companies actually pay for their employees to immerse themselves in hobbies outside of work? My hobby subsidy allowed me to take up ballroom dancing classes. It was totally worth it just to see my fiancee dancing. We stuck with the traditional dance at our wedding- turns out you have to keep practicing to be any good but it gave us time to be together and have fun while preparing for the wedding.

     – Taryn Clark, Senior Underwriter, and so-so ballroom dancer

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