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[Free Download] How to Nail Your Benefits Communication Strategy

By: Benefits by Design | Tuesday November 3, 2020

Updated : Monday August 21, 2023

Providing an employee benefits plan makes your business more competitive, increases employee engagement and productivity, and, most of all, keeps employees happy and healthy.

However, simply having a benefits plan isn’t enough. To truly offer an effective plan that employees will use requires a strong benefits communication strategy.

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What is Benefits Communication?

Employee benefits communication is simple in concept but often challenging in execution and many employers struggle with it as a result.

It refers to how you communicate your benefits plan to your employees and involves everything from how often you discuss it, what medium you use to communicate, where information is made available, and much more. 

Communicating your benefits plan is one of the most important aspects of providing coverage to employees. After all, if employees don’t understand their coverage (or worse, don’t realize they even have certain benefits), how can you expect them to use it?

Communicating Coverage Changes to Your Employee Benefits Plan

Why is Communication So Important?

Effectively communicating the nuances of your benefits plan is critical to its success. Employers who can effectively communicate their plan will see a number of benefits, including:

If you’re thinking that those all sound like benefits of simply providing a benefits plan, you’d be right! The trick isn’t providing a benefits plan — the trick is getting employees to understand their coverage and how and when to use it.

Employee Benefits Communication Tactics for Different Generations and Diverse Workforces

Poor Benefits Communication Costs Time and Money

It’s a very simple fact: if employees don’t know the details (or don’t understand them) — what’s covered, how to submit claims, where to get more information or ask questions — they won’t use the plan. That leaves employers spending a lot of time, effort, and money on something that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to: keeping employees happy and healthy.

That’s why we’ve created the Employee Benefits Communication Package for your use. This package outlines the importance of effective communication and provides templates and practical tasks for your use. Each template aims to keep your group insurance plan top-of-mind for your employees!

How to Communicate Your Employee Benefits Plan

The Employee Benefits Communication Package

The Employee Benefits Communication Package is the tool you’ll want by your side to plan an effective communication strategy.

It maps out a plan from beginning to end and is full of downloadable email templates, workplace posters, infographics, and much more, to bring your strategy to life! In this package, you’ll find:

Communicate your plan easily with the Employee Benefits Communication Package!

Your Benefits Communication Package for an Effective Benefits Plan | Download the Package