Does Your Benefits Plan “Fit” Your Team? An Infographic

Oct 03 | 2017

Let’s find out!

One of the biggest challenges when choosing a benefits plan is understanding the unique benefit needs of your team. Does the single employee require orthodontic coverage? Or do they want a pool of money in the form of a Health Care Spending Account? Does the married with children employee want a personal spending account? Or greater opportunity to contribute to their RRSP?

Depending on a myriad of factors (age, demographics, overall health) your benefits plan could be offering too much, or falling short. It’s important to consider what your team might need now and in the future, ensuring maximum “bang for your buck.”

With that in mind, check out this infographic below and see how well your benefits plan “fits” the needs of your unique team:

Does your benefits plan fit your team - infographic


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