Health & Wellness at BBD – Rise of the Wearables!

Jul 26 | 2017

Our Corporate Culture

At Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc., we pride ourselves on a corporate culture of active, healthy and engaged employees, and it’s our belief that this corporate culture is inherent to our success. Because of this, we make a special effort to keep health and wellness at the forefront of our employees’ minds, and as a result, we keep tabs on trends and popular activities within the health and wellness world.

Over the course of the last few years we’ve seen some strange crazes while doing our research (weight loss sunglasses, anyone?), but mostly we’ve seen what a lot of others have – a general surge in interest for healthy, active living and wellness, both within corporations and on a personal level. Yoga for example, was – and still is – a huge health trend, and we have plenty of employees who love it! But we wanted to dive deeper than that.

How BBD Promotes Health & Wellness for Employees

At BBD, we offer our employees what we call a Health & Wellness subsidy. It’s part of our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles amongst our employees, and what it boils down to is $200 to spend on whatever they want, so long as it promotes a healthy lifestyle. We’ve had people use them for gym memberships, running shoes and most recently wearable technology like Fitbits. Pair one with a couple hours a day on one of our treadmill desks, and you can clock thousands of steps – all during your workday! Whenever a BBD employee makes a health & wellness purchase, they simply submit their subsidy request along with the receipts through our Human Resources Information System (HRIS). It’s all done electronically and then processed through payroll!

But in order to properly encourage our employees to use this subsidy, we need to stay on top of the latest trends in health and wellness. So what does that look like? Research!

As part of our research into 2017 trends to look out for, we stumbled upon this Forbes article from January that listed the expected trends of the year. It was incredibly gratifying as an organization to read through the list and realize that we offered or encouraged each of them in one way or another. There was one trend, however, that stuck out to us across all of our offices.

Rise of the Wearables!

Many of our employees were using their health and wellness subsidies to pick up wearables, like Fitbits, and that got us thinking about ways we could get people’s steps up in a workday. In our offices, we encourage walking meetings – they’re the same as regular ones, but you know, mobile. They’re a great way to discuss what needs to be discussed, and offer another opportunity to get up and out of your desk chair. We also have have treadmill desks for people to log their steps on (they’re used so much that they are wearing down, a new one is on it’s way!), and a new exercise circuit which incorporates activity with work and learning. An eager employee could take advantage of each of these initiatives and easily meet their step goal without impacting their productivity!

Now that’s awesome.

Wearables have certainly created an awareness around physical fitness but this is just one aspect of health and wellness at BBD, and you can expect to hear more from us about the others in the coming weeks.

For now, you can see more of our employees and their health and wellness trends on our Instagram and occasionally on our Medium publication.

You can see more of our employees and their health and wellness trends on our Instagram page!

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